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The Fan Film on Blu-Ray


Produced by Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos, and Jayson Lamb.

Directed by Eric Zala

Running Time: 106 minutes


   At long last – you can now own the actual, more talked-about-than-seen completed shot-for-shot recreation!  Including the completed Airplane Scene, with cast reunited after 25 years.  Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Extras include special photo slideshows!


​“…One of the strangest permutations of '80's nostalgia to hit movie screens—the now-notorious RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION, a 106-minute shot-for-shot amateur-video remake of the 1981 Spielberg-Lucas adventure flick, created over a span of seven years by a group of kids in small-town Reagan-era Mississippi.  


   Filled with ingenious contraptions and overweening jerry-rigs, THE ADAPTATION remakes Raiders on less than 1/2,000th of Paramount's original $20 million budget, conjuring exotic locales out of cardboard sets in parents' basements, casting tweens in Boy Scout uniforms as Nazi bad guys, and rolling a gigantic hand-crafted boulder through the family garage to create the film's signature scene. 


Nothing short of slapdash spectacular.”    




The Fan Film on Blu-Ray

  • A personal look back from Eric, sharing vintage personal photos, production sketches and stills from when we made ADAPTATION as kids… as well as a behind-the-scenes look at shooting the Airplane Scene as adults.

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