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Need some help in making your dream real? 

Eric is available to consult with you, one-on-one over Skype, on tackling your own low-on-budget, high-on-creativity film! 

"Eric's one day Remaking Raiders Filmmaking workshop is an inspiring journey into the how the dream of a child came true through patience, persistence and perseverance   Our students were engaged and enthusiastic watching the film and in their response to his "How I did it." presentation.  They left at the end of the day motivated to create their own short films.  I highly recommend this program.  It will entertain and inspire all!"



​-- Tonya Hays, WINGS Performing Arts Director, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Gulfport, Mississippi

“…Resourcefulness, perseverance, collaboration, solution seeking, creative thinking, goal setting, team-building, and the ability to prototype and iterate. Your story has all of these and yet, what kids notice is that none of this happened at school or under the direction of a teacher.”

— Chip Houston, Head of Upper School, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Atlanta, Georgia

"The best advice that anybody ever gave me"

— Emily Hagins, who after seeing at age 10, went on to create 3 feature films before age 18.

"Seeing your movie, hearing you speak, feeling that 'never quit' attitude emanate from you, it was like a shot of much needed, pure, unadulterated, 'you can do it, Will' juice. Thank you."


-Will McAllister, high school teacher, in Orem, Utah found inspiration to complete his first class film project.

"For years I have been threatening to make a movie. I have written scripts and thrown them away. I have shot test footage and deleted it. After watching the Raiders Remake yesterday and listening to Eric Zala speak, I am more convinced than ever that I need to just do it. Stop listening to the voice that says no and put something together."


-Frank Holifield, Petal, Mississippi

Eric has spoken at and screened RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION for the following companies, at their invitation, for their employees to see the film and hear the stories:

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